We are a small, family-owned farm located in Simcoe County, near Barrie, ON. We produce pastured, growth-hormone free beef, pork, lamb, goat, rabbits, ducks, geese, turkey and roasting chickens, as well as eggs from free range hens and ducks. 

Our animals are raised the old-fashioned way, in the environment they best live, the outdoors.
Our farm is also a home to many bee hives which are carefully collected from to provide us with raw honey without any additives.

We aim for excellence in the quality off all our products as well as the care of our lands. As such, we do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers and our primary goal is to provide an environment for our animals that respects their character and natural habitat. 

Our cattle are allowed to graze for as much of the year as possible. Our pigs, lamb, goats and rabbits have access to natural grains, clean water and fresh grass or hay as well as some vegetation that they can root through. Our laying hens, ducks and geese are free to roam where they please and our meat birds are free ranged and fed a good assortment of grains and vegetables for the best in meat quality. The feed we purchase for our animals is made from non-genetically modified ingredients.

We believe in our product and encourage all customers to visit us. This isn't just grocery shopping, ITS AN EXPERIENCE!